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Being in the kitchen brings me joy—it’s both my hype place and my sanctuary.

Welcome to My Kitchen!

If you’re an experienced cook looking for inspo on what to make for dinner or dessert, I’m glad you’re here ’cause we are one in the same; I can’t wait to show you what I’ve found over the years and most recently.

If you’re just starting to get a handle on some of the basics of home cooking and looking to see what others are doing in their kitchens, you’re in a great place. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to peek into my kitchen and hope that you’ll find a new recipe that catches your eye or makes you see a familiar ingredient in a new light.

If you’re a complete newbie in the kitchen who’s mastered microwaving packet ramen and is starting to get curious about growing your skills, I see you and hear you because I once was you. I’ve got your back and am here to help you find some simple recipes that will give you a foundation of basics and unleash a world of creativity in your kitchen.

Now that you’re here, you’re in for a ride wherein I will share my own recipes and heirloom recipes from my family alongside openly honest reviews of recipes I’ve found from other sources as well as reviews of new food items and kitchen products that I’ve come across.

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Why Sweet, Savory & Sassy?

I decided to name this space Sweet, Savory & Sassy because it sums up who I am…sometimes I’m sweet as pie and other times I’m a salty B, but I always keep people on their toes.

The best one liner I’ve come up with so far in life to describe myself is:  I talk like a sailor, but have a heart of gold. This is because I tend to say what’s on my mind and I’m honest with people, but diplomatic. For some, this rubs them the wrong way because they’re used to folks who put likability before being honest…and that just isn’t me.

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Fun (and Random) Facts About Me


1.  I’m a 99% self-taught cook.

Two people had a hand in helping me learn my way around a home kitchen—my Dad and my paternal grandma, who helped raise me.

My Dad taught me how to brown ground beef and pork chops and do some basic grilling on a charcoal barbecue. My grandma didn’t show me how to cook firsthand as she didn’t like being watched and would always shoo me away. But, I was a persistent little kid and would sneak back to the edge of the room to stealthily watch her from afar.

The rest I picked up over time through trial and error and watching cooking shows—this is why I truly believe that anyone can learn to cook.

2. I love trying new things and foods.

Whether it’s new to market or just new to me, I’m always down for an impromptu taste test. There’s fun and excitement in trying something new, and often times it results in a spur of creativity in the kitchen.

3.  My favorite color is teal.

If I could buy all of my kitchen-related things in teal, I would. My friends and family know that 9 times out of 10 if they buy me something and it’s teal colored, I will absolutely love it. Runner up faves are mint green and coral.

4.  I believe that recipes are baselines, jumping off points.

With recipes comes history; the way that heirloom icebox cake recipe was made once upon a time in my Grandma’s era may not be the way we make it today, but both recipes are equally worthy of being made and enjoyed.

I enjoy making recipes as they were handed down to me, but I feel that they are meant to evolve over time and be tailored to your liking, so you’ll often see me giving suggestions on ingredient swaps and additions to put your own spin on the recipes I share here.

5.  I don’t like most condiments.

I think ketchup is gross (and should never top a meatloaf), the smell of mustard makes me gag (though I will use it in recipes if it’s not a prominent taste), and pickles should never ever be sweet (sorry Grandma).

6.  I’m a lover of leftovers.

They make life easier when I don’t want to cook (gasp!), they save me money because I don’t have to order out, and they mean less food wasted. Also, they can be a springboard for ideas and new dishes.

I like to look in my fridge and think of it as my own personal episode of Food Network’s Chopped. Every now and then you’ll see a recipe from me that showcases leftovers or leftover ingredients from other dishes (or takeout deliveries) and I create a whole new dish that shakes up our food routine in my house and saves the food from going to waste.

7. I’m technically a middle child.

I have an older sister and a younger sister though both died due to complications during pregnancy; one in utero and the other during childbirth. I myself almost died during childbirth as my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck so tightly that I was a “blue” baby at birth.

8. Seeing anything frog-related makes me think of my grandma.

My paternal grandma was a pivotal figure in my life and loved frogs so much that she had little figurines of them in her home and even in her flowerbeds.

9. I have a slight obsession with owls and pineapples.

…and now I collect them like my grandma collected frogs.

10.  I’m an aquarius…and boy does it show!

My star sign is spot on for my personality—I’m stubbornly independent, enjoy spontaneity, love being around water, am adept in social situations but need my alone time to recharge, and can appear to be aloof when really I’m just shy or lost inside of my own head.

11.  I prefer cooking to baking.

Cooking is much more flexible than baking. Baking requires precision (which the anal retentive part of me loves) and, to be a masterful baker, an understanding of the science of individual ingredients as well as how they react with each other within a recipe. This means, in baking adventures the likelihood is higher of an inedible failures than it is with a cooking adventure.

My first attempt ever at baking was a very memorable failure. At the ripe age of 7, I decided to make some pear tarts for my Dad while he was outside working around our house. I used just 3 ingredients—flour, water, and canned pears—and it went horribly wrong!

Gloppy, uncooked paste with mashed pears that oozed out onto the pan and burned to an obsidian black crisp. I was both baffled and devastated, but we all have to start somewhere, right? (Again, this is why in my heart of hearts I believe that anyone and everyone can learn how to cook!)

12.  I can never have too many cookbooks or recipes bookmarked.

Seriously, the number of recipes that I’ve flagged in a cookbook, dog-earred in a magazine, or bookmarked online over the years as ones I would like to make someday is a bit ridiculous!

But, I love seeing what others are making in their kitchens (especially via social media) because it gives me ideas during my own search of WTF to make for dinner. It’s also just so interesting to see how everyone makes their own version of classic homemade dishes and get inspiration for new twists on an old dish.


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