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Are Moon Drop Grapes Out Of This World Amazing?

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Taste Tests

Dark, funky oblong Moon Drop grapes look like something from another planet and claim to be crisp, sweet, and unlike any grape you’ve ever had before. They’re definitely different from typical grocery store grapes, but do their differences just end at their appearance or are they truly little drops of fruity magic?

close up of moon drop grapes on their vine

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Ok, so first things first—apparently I’m late to the whole Moon Drop Grapes game. I’d never heard of them until a recent trip to the grocery store when I saw them on sale. They were weird looking and had an unusual name, so I was totally intrigued. It wasn’t until after trying them and telling friends about them that I found out that Moon Drop Grapes weren’t a new player on the scene.

But, I figured maybe you too have not heard of them and would want to know about them. Thus, I felt it my duty to share this Moon Drop Grapes Taste Test with you all.



Taste Test Review Rating System

Trying out new things is always fun, but it’s honest and transparent reviews that really help us as consumers to make an informed decision. Given this, I will always be candid about how I feel about a product.

Every food product is reviewed on its Appearance, Taste, and Price. I take into account questions like, “Does it look IRL like it does on the packaging?”, “Would I go back for seconds?”, “Is this something I would share with others?”, and “Is this worth the price?”.

There’s no point system here—we don’t go through life judging whether something is a 3.7/10 or 7.8/10. We judge based on whether we like or don’t like something and whether we would or would not buy it again. So my rating system is simply four levels of appeal: Love it, Like it, Leave it, and Lose it.

Review of Moon Drop Grapes – First Impressions

Moon Drop grapes give off a dark and brooding vibe despite their very cheery packaging. Moon Drops are cultivated by Grapery, a company with vineyards in the San Joaquin Valley of Southern California. If you’ve had a Cotton Candy grape, then you’ve already experienced a grape from the vineyards of Grapery. They’ve brought several grape varieties to market with success—Moon Drops, Cotton Candy, and Gum Drops as well as red, green, and black table grapes.

Inside their packaging, the Moon Drops look almost like miniaturized eggplants hanging off of a vine. They’re cute with stubby little bottoms, but weird looking because of their long drooping shape. Apparently, the reason they’re able to achieve this unique shape is because the crew at Grapery takes special care to protect these lil jewels from excessive rain so that they don’t burst open.

view of moon drop grapes in the bag from the produce section of the grocery store

This extra TLC also ensures that the Moon Drop grapes are able to stay on the vine longer, soaking in the rays of the golden SoCal sun until they’re at peak ripeness and ready for harvest.

They look firm and heavy, like a water balloon that’s filled to its maximum capacity; and like they’re going to be very juicy. Their packaging states that these grapes are long, luscious, and super sweet–“a taste that’s out of this world.”

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Appearance – What Do Moon Drop Grapes Look Like?

They’ve got that familiar dusty looking coating that you’ve seen with other grapes. When washed and dried off, their skin is revealed as a dark purple-bluish-black color. Moon Drops are typically narrow and rounded at their top and perfectly cylindrical until you get to their funky shaped bottoms.

holding a moon drop grapes up close

Perhaps I’m truly weird, but when really looking at their shape I immediately started hearing the chorus to Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls playing in my head. Their bottoms are like cute, dimply little butts. (Hence my hearing the very apropos song in my head).

showing the bottom end of a moon grape which is dimpled

Inside, Moon Drops are a light green, similar to the coloring of a typical green grape. The flesh is firm, but juicy as expected. If you’ve ever had a Honeycrisp apple, then you know how the texture really is “crisp”. Moon Drops are to grapes what Honeycrisps are to apples. Firm, crisp, and juicy–in a way that blows their competitors out of the water!

close up of light colored flesh inside grape

These grapes are definitely different from their competition in both their looks and their mouthfeel. But what about taste–do they deliver on their claim of being super sweet and a taste out of this world?

Taste – Do Moon Drop Grapes Keep You Coming Back for More?

Moon Drop grapes are definitely sweet, pleasantly so. Not overly sweet, but just right. However, I kept eating them expecting to be wowed by their claimed super sweetness. I wouldn’t say that Moon Drops taste out of this world different from other black grape. To me, and my SO, they tasted like just another black grape. They were definitely more firm and juicy than usual black grapes. But, we didn’t find them to be any sweeter nor have any noticeably distinct taste (unlike Grapery’s Cotton Candy grapes, which literally blew my mind the first time I tried them).

close up showing inside of grape

Price – Are Moon Drop Grapes Worth It?

Moon Drops have a very short season of peak harvest (late August to late November), so they tend to go for a premium price for a seeded grape variety. They’re definitely a niche crop, and as such quantities are limited each year–further increasing their price in certain markets across the country.

In my local Stop and Shop, these seeded grapes run around $3 per pound; so, they’re comparable to the per pound price of typical seedless varieties. At $3 per pound for these sweet, juicy, tubular grapes, they’re definitely affordably priced for adding to your charcuterie boards, snack plates, and brown bag lunches.

holding moon drop between fingers for close up

Results — Love It, Like It, Leave It, or Lose It?

In my eyes, Moon Drop grapes aren’t exactly magical and don’t fully live up to their proclamation of being out of this world tasty. However, their firm juicy flesh, sweet taste, and incredibly unique shape are what would draw me to buying them again.

Grapes aren’t a staple in my house, so I can’t say that I would totally buy them again unless I had something like an impressive charcuterie board or snack plate to make for guests or a gathering. But if they were on sale and I was somewhat in the mood for a crisp, juicy grape, there’s a 70% chance they’d end up in my grocery cart.

Where You Can Find Moon Drop Grapes

I’ve only seen these unique grapes at Stop & Shop, a big chain grocery store in my area. Moon Drops seem to be widely available at other large chains like Whole Foods, Wegmans, Kroger, Fred Meyer, and Trader Joe’s, too. According to Grapery’s website, this short season grape is available in all 50 states in the U.S. as well as in several parts of Canada.

If they’re not at your local grocery store, you can check out Grapery’s Grape Finder tool, or you can ask to speak to your store’s produce manager; the manager can reach out to Grapery about getting some Moon Drop grapes for your store.

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