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Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps: The New Best Friend of Hummus

by | Dec 12, 2021 | Taste Tests

Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps may end up your new favorite utensil to use when the craving for hummus hits. Step aside carrot sticks and sliced bell peppers; you too, humble naked pita chip. These flatbread crisps are light, airy, crispy, crunchy, and deliciously seasoned to accompany nearly any flavor of hummus that strikes your fancy.

close up of grilled flatbread crisps served in a bowl with hummus

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On a recent jaunt through the pages of Amazon Fresh as I was on the hunt for snacks for our household, I came across a listing for something I hadn’t ever heard of—Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps. As a lover of flatbread, I was compelled to click on it and take a deeper look. It turns out, Ava’s makes multiple flavors of flatbread crisps: Simply Salted, Smoky Gouda Garlic, Red Chili Lime, and Italian Spice.

I snatched up a bag of the Smoky Gouda Garlic and the Italian Spice to try as my first foray into the world of grilled flatbread crisps. My days of grabbing my go-to pita chips to snack on with hummus are forever changed.



Taste Test Review Rating System

Trying out new things is always fun, but it’s honest and transparent reviews that really help us as consumers to make an informed decision. Given this, I will always be candid about how I feel about a product.

Every food product is reviewed on its Appearance, Taste, and Price. I take into account questions like, “Does it look IRL like it does on the packaging?”, “Would I go back for seconds?”, “Is this something I would share with others?”, and “Is this worth the price?”.

There’s no point system here—we don’t go through life judging whether something is a 3.7/10 or 7.8/10. We judge based on whether we like or don’t like something and whether we would or would not buy it again. So my rating system is simply four levels of appeal: Love it, Like it, Leave it, and Lose it.

Review of Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps – First Impressions

One of the first things that hits me about something new is the smell. If it looks good but smells funky, then there’s a good chance I won’t be trying it. BUT if it looks funky and smells delicious, I’m definitely diving in to try. Thankfully, Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps both look and smell delicious. The Smoky Gouda Garlic give off heavy wafts of garlic with a noticeable cheesiness while the Italian Spice lives up to its name and smells like you just popped open a bag of Italian seasoning.

side by side shots of the packaging of ava's grilled flatbread crisps in the smoky gouda garlic and italian spice flavors

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Appearance – Do Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps Look as Advertised?

The bags for Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps present these crisps as triangular cuts of flatbread with grill marks and generous seasoning. When you open the bag, the crisps inside look exactly the same. The grill marks look legit–as if the team over at Ava’s had made a flatbread, then laid it on a hot grill to get a good char before cutting the flatbread into snack-sized wedges.

In the advertising on the package, the wedges of flatbread look light and crispy–like they’re going to give you a crunch reminiscent of a tortilla chip; substantial, but not overly hard or dried out. In person, the crisps look exactly the same.

side by side shot showing what ava's grilled flatbread crisps in italian spice and smoky gouda garlic flavors look like out of their packaging

Taste – Do Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps Keep You Coming Back for More?

This is where the heavy hitting of a snack always comes from–if it doesn’t taste good, I’m not going to be the slightest bit enticed to buy it again. So, do these grilled flatbread crisps live up to the hype of the packaging and my first impressions? Yes!

The Smoky Gouda Garlic pack a wallop of savory snack goodness thanks to a heavy hit of garlic, followed by an almost equal hit of smoky gouda cheese. When eating these flatbread crisps, you can’t help but get the abundant seasoning all over your fingers; which then leads to the overwhelming temptation to lick it all off. (Go ahead, I won’t judge!) Honestly, have you ever had a juicy taco or a snack chip that has such a delicious seasoning that as it gets messy and all over your hands, you just dig right in?? That’s how I felt about these Smoky Gouda Garlic grilled flatbread crisps–flavor bomb.

The Italian Spice grilled flatbread crisps were much more muted in flavor by comparison. Still delightful, just not as bold and in your face as the Smoky Gouda Garlic flavor. Also, with the Italian Spice version, the seasoning is baked into the flatbread crisps rather than dusted all over the exterior. So, if a less messy eating experience is up your alley, then the Italian Spice flavor may be more your speed.

close up of ava's smoky gouda garlic grilled flatbread crisps

Price – Are Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps Worth It?

Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps are just under $3 bag through Amazon Fresh. At this price, I think they’re an incredible bargain given that they look exactly as advertised and are seasoned well. When having hummus, I usually use raw veggies like carrots, bell peppers, and celery or plain pita chips as my dippers. But at $3 a bag, I’ll definitely opt for these grilled flatbread crisps over pita chips because they give you the crisp and the crunch without being overly hard or dried out like pita chips can often be.

overhead shot of grilled flatbread crisps served with hummus

Results — Love It, Like It, Leave It, or Lose It?

Honestly, I love both of these Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps flavors. I had my other half try them just to see if he liked them, but I already knew that they would be a repeat item in our household because I dug them so much. I definitely preferred the Smoky Gouda Garlic flavor over the Italian Spice, in general. BUT, for pairing with hummus, I think the Italian Spice is a much better pairing because it has the spices baked into the crisp. With the spices inside of the crisp, it didn’t detract from the flavor of the hummus as much as when pairing it with the Smoky Gouda Garlic.

I’m looking forward to trying Ava’s Simply Salted and Red Chili Lime flavors to see if they too deliver on the hype, as well as how they each compare to the Smoky Gouda Garlic and Italian Spice.

Where You Can Find Ava’s Grilled Flatbread Crisps

From what I can tell, Ava’s Grill Flatbread Crisps are still available through Amazon Fresh and you can get them at select grocery stores. Ava’s has a handy “Locate” feature through their website so you can see if they’re available in your area. They even go so far as to tell you what flavors are available at the stores they find in your area–how sweet of them is that to do for us!?? As always, if you can’t get a bag of these babies locally, you can always try nabbing a bag online from a specialty site like

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